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March 9, 2015, Apple Spring Conference in the United States San Francisco Grassland Art Center held. Conference focused on Apple released a new Macbook 12-inch new models, also announced the Apple Watch smart watch price and sale time.
The most important news of this conference than the new 12-inch version of the Macbook. New Macbook with a new design, divided into gray, silver and gold, 12-inch Retina display resolution of 2304 x 1440, the processor for the Intel Core M low-power processor.
It uses a fanless design, which is the first fanless MacBook. The new Macbook weighs about 0.91 kg, 13.1 mm thick, 24-inch thinner than the current 11-inch MacBook Air. The motherboard is 67% smaller than the previous version. Touchpad pressure sensor to detect the user on the panel with much force, the use of innovative ladder-type battery, the battery capacity increased by 35%.
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